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English books

Fighting Negativity € 20,00
The Enthusiasm Trilogy € 25,00
The Superpromoter - Hard-copy € 20,00

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German-language books

Der Superpromoter (German, Deutsch) Paperback € 20,00

Dutch books

Negativiteit mania - De waan van het negativiteitsdenken € 20,00
De Enthousiasme Trilogie, Flame, Flow, Flood - HardcopyDe Enthousiasme Trilogie, Flame, Flow, Flood - eBook (mobi, ePub, PDF) € 25,00
€ 20,00
De Superpromoter; herziene versie (2016) - PaperbackDe Superpromoter; herziene versie (2016) - eBook (mobi, ePub, PDF) € 20,00
€ 15,00

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