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Rijn Vogelaar

After the Intenational success of his book “The Superpromoter” Rijn decided to quite is job as CEO of Blauw Research to fully commit himself to to fully focus on spreading and implementing the Superpromoter ideas. He is now a popular speaker in Europe, Asia and America and collaborates with a network of companies to implement the theory. Rijn Vogelaar founded the Superpromoter Academy in 2013. More information about Rijn here  and on the Superpromoter Academy here.


Rijn Vogelaar offers workshops on the following topics:

  • Customer Centricity
  • NPS system
  • Employee Motivation
  • Social Media
  • Flame (what causes enthusiasm & how do you find the “why” of an organization)
  • Flow (how to stir up the enthusiasm of an internal organization)
  • Flood (how an organization conquers the market with enthusiasm)


Rijn talks about customer centricity, NPS, employee motivation, Social Media and of course Superpromoters and Flame, Flow & Flood (The Enthusiasm Trilogy). A presentation can be customized in terms of topics, interactivity and length. Rijn’s presentations are energetic, inspiring and have a clear positive message. The presentations are beautifully designed by specialist in this field, Jonas Barre. It contains videos, business cases, practical tools and sometimes even (live) music. On several reputable conferences at home the presentation rewarded with the highest score.


Rijn also regularly co-presents along with other speakers. Below is the description of the co-presentation with musician James Whelligan about enthusiasm and live music.

Co-presentation with James Whelligan

A musician is experiencing enthusiasm at various levels. He is inspired, gets into the flow with other musicians and if he’s lucky, the crowd goes wild. Companies can learn a lot from this dynamic. Professional musician James Whelligan and author/ speaker Rijn Vogelaar talk about enthusiasm from the perspective of a musician. Not only by speaking about songs and artists but also by playing some pop classics live!

Jamie Whelligan was born in Birkenhead near Liverpool. He studied political science at Huddersfield University, where he formed the band “Lemonade”. A band with many fans in the 90’s. During this time Jamie also met Rijn Vogelaar, who joined the band as a “Performing Poet” during some of their tours. Today Jamie has his own band, Whelligan. He released two albums: Salad Days “and” Pipes Plus “. On the Great Sheiks Label) In 2015, the core of the band Lemonade is reunited under the name of New Brighton and they launch the album” Lemonade ” and they consider touring again.

An impression of this presentation:

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