Superpromoter Academy

The Superpromoter Academy was founded to spread knowledge about enthusiasm and the Superpromoter concept.

What do you learn?

  • Methods and tools to find, characterise and assist your Superpromoters.
  • What Social Media can do for you and your Superpromoters
  • How to deal with the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and deepening knowledge of this methodology
  • How you can implement the Superpromoter principles in your organisation
  • The latest insights as described in the Enthusiasm Trilogy
  • And much more besides.

The Academy has trained SPCs (Superpromoter Consultants) working at Philips, Microsoft, Dorel, Aegon, ING, SNS, KPN, Rabobank, Sanoma,, HP, Ahold and many other companies.

These SPCs form a network of Superpromoter Consultants, who are trained and facilitated and have their own online community. We offer this training programme to clients commissioning research and also to other external parties (such as consultants, interim staff and marketing & communication bureaus).

The network of Superpromoter Consultants forms the basis for the enthusiasm revolution. They help the organisations they work for to implement the concept and to activate the intrinsic enthusiasm in clients and employees.

In-house Academy

Besides following the regular Superpromoter Academy, it is also possible to have the training provided in-house.

Please contact us for more information.

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