The power of enthusiasm

Enthusiastic employees and customers are responsible for the success of any organisation. Nevertheless, few organisations focus on the dynamics of enthusiasm. The Superpromoter Academy was founded to gather, share and activate knowledge and skills concerning the dynamics of enthusiasm. This has resulted in research, consultancy and training programmes within various industries and organisations worldwide. It is time to take enthusiasm seriously.


The Superpromoter Academy offers various courses with regard to customer orientation, social media use, storytelling etc. Always with the dynamics of enthusiasm as the starting point. The central training, which also carries the name “Superpromoter Academy”, is a two-day course, where all these elements are covered. In this training, the dynamics of enthusiasm are viewed from both the perspective of the individual and the organisation. Scientific knowledge from psychology and neurology is combined with practical cases in these courses, which are offered a few times a year with an open registration. However most training courses are given in-company. Around 900 people around the world have followed this two-day course. Participants from different countries (UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, Hong Kong), different professions (managers, marketing professionals, CX experts, researchers, educators, consultants, artists etc.) and many national and international companies (Philips, Microsoft, Samsung, Dorel, ING, KPN, T-Mobile etc.) have successfully completed the course and are now part of a network of superpromoter consultants worldwide. You are most welcome to join if you like.