Enthusiasm Trilogy

While “The Superpromoter” was primarily a book about marketing and co-creation, the Enthusiasm Trilogy covers a broader spectrum of business operations. The role played by enthusiasm in strategy development and innovation (part 1: Flame), in HR, management and internal communication (part 2: Flow), and finally in marketing and external communication (part 3: Flood).

What is our rationale and when do we affect the people around us? How do we find the inspiration each time to generate new creations? Who do we combine with best and how do we find the right audience? Once the flow of enthusiasm begins to stream between individuals, teams and the public, the most wonderful things start to happen. Personal growth, innovation, economic growth and a richer and more worthwhile existence come together at a moment like this. The role that enthusiasm plays in the arts, in social life and within organizations is fascinating. It can almost be described as an unseen hand that steers people’s behavior in a particular direction. What makes this so special is that the hand often leads us in the right direction. The way in which our talents and passions lie. It connects us to people with similar interests.

The main objective

Clarify and fan the Flame of enthusiasm; achieve Flow within an organization; and ultimately spread a Flood of enthusiasm from the inside outwards. In each of these phases, enthusiasm plays a significant role. As an indicator, guide and boost. Because, in addition to the SP behaviour (described in The Superpromoter), we have now also homed in on the phases of Flame, Flow and Flood (The Enthusiasm Trilogy), companies are provided with a practical toolkit that enables them to exercise more effective influence on enthusiasm. The aim of the revolution is to mobilize the intrinsic potential for enthusiasm in order to make organizations more sustainable and successful and, as a result, have a positive impact on the world as a whole. The Enthusiasm Trilogy is published in Dutch in may 2014 en and will be published in English by the end of 2015 (Flame) and 2016 (Flow & Flood). Please leave your email-address if you want to be notified. Update: You can now order the English version of Flame and flow here.