My name is Rijn Vogelaar and I was born in 1969 in Steenbergen, in the Netherlands. I am a writer and speaker, and the founder of the Superpromoter Academy. Up until May 2013, I was CEO at the international Market Research agency Blauw Research. I gave up my job to devote myself to the enthusiasm revolution. A movement that takes enthusiasm as its guideline in order to change people, organisations and society in a positive way.


I sincerely believe that steering a course towards enthusiasm has a positive impact on the way we treat each other. If we understand these dynamics, it has considerable consequences for the way we arrange and run organisations. Work becomes more enjoyable, gives deeper satisfaction and has greater value for the surroundings. Companies that operate on enthusiasm not only become more successful, but also more client-oriented and they start behaving in a more socially responsible manner. Mistrust in companies and the government disappears because there is quite simply no reason for it any more. Accordingly, I believe the world becomes a better place if we take enthusiasm as our guiding principle.


If the enthusiasm revolution becomes stronger, more and more people will join in. People all over the world will begin to understand what enthusiasm means and how it helps them to help the world progress. Organisations will no longer be dominated by thinking in terms of problems, but the enthusiasm of clients and employees will provide the direction. The homo ecomonicus (who works for the money) will give way to the homo enthusiasticus (who works for the challenge, the enjoyment and a higher aim).

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More information about me and my work can be found here on my personal website.

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