The Flame

The Superpromoter Academy is for everyone who believes in the power of enthusiasm. People who want to light the flame of enthusiasm, fan it and pass it on. Who want to shake up their surroundings and make the world a better place. Everyone within an organisation can play a role here, from the receptionist to the CEO, from the chairman of the sport club to the volunteer in the canteen and from the self-employed professional to the director of a multinational.


The Superpromoter Academy is trying to unleash an enthusiasm revolution within organisations, authorities and society as a whole. It is a revolution because within organisations, government authorities and journalism, thinking in terms of problems has been elevated to a standard. Thinking from a perspective of enthusiasm is a radical shift.


We are on the brink of a new era. A time in which success is no longer measured by the monetary value of a company but by its value to society. Power is shifting towards organisations that make the world better, cleaner or more beautiful. Companies that make a meaningful contribution to the world and at the same time earn a good profit as by-catch. People enjoy working in these types of organisations and they create enthusiastic clients. This shift is not only desirable, it is necessary as well. The problems of our generation call for a fundamental change in the way organisations are run.

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